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Jinwook Seo, Director
Human-Computer Interaction, Information Visualization, Explainable AI, Biomedical Informatics

Jinwook Seo is the first professor who founded an HCI research program in Seoul National University. He is teaching graduate and undergraduate HCI courses and an information visualization course at the graduate level. His research interests include human-computer interaction, information visualization, visual analytics, explainable AI, and health informatics.

As a director of the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, he helps his students find their potentials as young researchers and achieve their own research goals. Under his guidance, members of the HCI Laboratory perform various research projects derived by their own interests and passions, as well as engage in several interdisciplinary research projects with collaborators in other research fields, industries and government agencies.

He received his BS and MS degrees in Computer Science from Seoul National University, and Ph.D in Computer Science (Human-Computer Interaction, advised by Ben Shneiderman) at the Human-Computer Interaction Lab of the University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA.

He has been serving on the steering committee of the IEEE PacificVis symposium, trying to build a strong visualization research community in the Asia Pacific region. He has also served as a papers co-chair for PacificVis. He has served on the program committees in the field of visualization and HCI; IEEE InfoVis, IEEE VAST, IEEE PacificVis, and ACM CHI. Recent services include the following:

- Steering Committee, IEEE VIS, October 2022 ~
- Executive Committee, IEEE VGTC, August 2022 ~ July 2025
- Associate Editor, IEEE TVCG, February 2023 ~
- Papers Chair (Area 6: Analytics & Decisions), IEEE VIS 2021, 2022
- Subcommittee Chair (Understanding People), CHI 2022
- Associate Chair (Visualization), CHI 2021
- Associate Chair (Privacy, Security and Visualization), CHI 2017
- Associate Chair (UX and Usability), CHI 2016
- Steering Committee, IEEE PacificVis, 2017~
- General Symposium Chair, IEEE PacificVis 2017
- Best Paper Committee, IEEE PacificVis 2021
- Papers Co-chair, IEEE PacificVis 2019, 2020
- Workshop Co-chair, PacificVAST 2018

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