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Visual Analytics for Understanding Software Development History Through Git Metadata Analysis

Youngtaek Kim, Jaeyoung Kim, Hyeon Jeon, Young-Ho Kim, Hyunjoo Song, Bohyoung Kim, and Jinwook Seo / 2020



Git metadata contains rich information for developers to understand the overall context of a large software development project. Thus it can help new developers, managers, and testers understand the history of development without needing to dig into a large pile of unfamiliar source code. However, the current tools for Git visualization are not adequate to analyze and explore the metadata: They focus mainly on improving the usability of Git commands instead of on helping users understand the development history. Furthermore, they do not scale for large and complex Git commit graphs, which can play an important role in understanding the overall development history. In this paper, we present Githru, an interactive visual analytics system that enables developers to effectively understand the context of development history through the interactive exploration of Git metadata. We design an interactive visual encoding idiom to represent a large Git graph in a scalable manner while preserving the topological structures in the Git graph. To enable scalable exploration of a large Git commit graph, we propose novel techniques (graph reconstruction, clustering, and Context-Preserving Squash Merge (CSM) methods) to abstract a large-scale Git commit graph. Based on these Git commit graph abstraction techniques, Githru provides an interactive summary view to help users gain an overview of the development history and a comparison view in which users can compare different clusters of commits. The efficacy of Githru has been demonstrated by case studies with domain experts using real-world, in-house datasets from a large software development team at a major international IT company. A controlled user study with 12 developers comparing Githru to previous tools also confirms the effectiveness of Githru in terms of task completion time.


IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG) (Proc. IEEE VIS InfoVIs 2020)


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