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In introduction to HCI class.

An Interactive Visual Analytics Tool for microRNA Target Predictions

Sehi L'Yi, Daekyoung Jung, Minsik Oh, Bohyoung Kim, Robert J. Freishtat, Mamta Giri, Eric Hoffman, and Jinwook Seo / 1999



Link to miRTarVis+

Example Datasets


Link to tutorial

Some main features such as the Prediction Overview are not yet covered in the tutorial. We will update the tutorial as soon as possible.

Known Issues & Upcomming Updates

  1. We found that when there are many columns in paired two-sample data, miRTarVis+ is sometimes generating wrong p-value for paired t-test.
  2. We will improve performance for GenMiR++
  3. Optimal Label Placement has performance issues in Internet Explorer.


  • If you find any bugs or problemns when using miRTarVis+, please let us know so that we can fix the issues.
  • Email: (Sehi L'Yi)