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Interactive 3D Gaze Visualization for Contiguous Cross-sectional Medical Images

Hyunjoo Song, Jihye Yun, Bohyoung Kim, and Jinwook Seo / 2013


Project Description

Gaze visualization has been used in the medical field to understand how radiologists read medical images. While prior works were mainly based on diagnoses with a single image, recent works focus on diagnoses with consecutive cross-sectional medical images acquired from preoperative computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Such images have distinct characteristics that hundreds of them are from a single exam composing a natural 3D spatial structure. Radiologists have to scroll through a stack of the images for a diagnosis, resulting in more complicated gaze patterns to visualize. Little work has been done on visualizing such gaze patterns for contiguous cross-sectional medical images. We present an interactive 3D gaze visualization, where InfoVis and SciVis techniques are harmonized to show the abstract gaze data along with a realistic 3D rendering of the visual stimuli (i.e. organs and lesions).