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A Search Engine for 3D Models with Tag Propagation

Minji Kim, JunHoe Kim, Gwanmo Park, and Jinwook Seo / 2020



Searching for desired 3D models is not easy because many of them are notwell labeled; annotations often contain inconsistent information (e.g., uploaders’ personal way of naming) and lack important details (e.g., detailed ornaments and pattern) of each model. We introduce PolySquare, a search engine for 3D models based on tag propagation—the process of assigning existing tags to other similar but unlabeled models considering important local properties. For instance, a tag ‘wheel’ of a wheelchair can be spread out to other objects with wheels. Furthermore, PolySquare allows people to interactively refine the search results by iteratively including desired shapes and excluding unwanted ones.We evaluate the performance of tag propagation by measuring the precision-recall of propagation results with various similarity thresholds and demonstrate the effectiveness of the use of local features. We also showcase how PolySquare handles the unrefined tags through a case study using real 3D model data from Google Poly.