February 28 - March 2, 2012, Songdo, Korea



Session 1: Information Visualization and Visual Analytics

Exploring the Design Space of Composite Visualization

Waqas Javed, Niklas Elmqvist

Topological Analysis and Visualization of Cyclical Behavior in Memory Reference Traces

A.N.M. Imroz Choudhury, Bei Wang, Paul Rosen, Valerio Pascucci

A Network-Based Interface for the Exploration of High-Dimensional Data Spaces

Zhiyuan Zhang, Kevin T. McDonnell, Klaus Mueller

Progressive Parallel Coordinates

René Rosenbaum, Jian Zhi, Bernd Hamann

Session 2: Time and Space (Spatialtemporal Data)

Embedding, Clustering and Coloring for Dynamic Maps

Yifan Hu, Stephen G. Kobourov, Sankar Veeramoni

Spatiotemporal Anomaly Detection through Visual Analysis of Geolocated Twitter Messages

Dennis Thom, Harald Bosch, Steffen Koch, Michael Wörner, Thomas Ertl

Analyzing the Evolution of Large Scale Structures in the Universe with Velocity Based Methods

Uliana Popov, Eddy Chandra, Katrin Heitmann, Salman Habib, James Ahrens, Alex Pang

Analysis and Visualization of Temporal Changes in Bloggers’ Activities and Interests

Masahiko Itoh, Naoki Yoshinaga, Masashi Toyoda, Masaru Kitsuregawa

Session 3: Graph Visualization

SideKnot: Revealing Relation Patterns for Graph Visualization

Dichao Peng, Neng Lu, Wei Chen, Qunsheng Peng

A Maxent-Stress Model for Graph Layout

Emden R. Gansner, Yifan Hu, Stephen North

Numerical Optimization-Based Graph Drawing Revisited

Hiroshi Hosobe

The Mental Map and Memorability in Dynamic Graphs

Daniel Archambault, Helen C. Purchase

Session 4: Vector Fields and Flow Visualization I

Effects of Illumination, Texture, and Motion on Task Performance in 3D Tensor-Field Streamtube Visualizations

Devon Penney, Jian Chen, David H. Laidlaw

Visual 4D MRI Blood Flow Analysis with Line Predicates

Silvia Born, Matthias Pfeifle, Michael Markl, Gerik Scheuermann

A Statistics-based Dimension Reduction of the Space of Path Line Attributes for Interactive Visual Flow Analysis

Armin Pobitzer, Alan Lež, Krešimir Matković, Helwig Hauser

A Benchmark for Evaluating FTLE Computations

Alexander Kuhn, Christian Rössl, Tino Weinkauf, Holger Theisel

Session 5: Vector Fields and Flow Visualization II

Dense Flow Visualization using Wave Interference

Victor Matvienko, Jens Krüger

Output-Coherent Image-Space LIC for Surface Flow Visualization

Jin Huang, Wenjie Pei, Chunfeng Wen, Guoning Chen, Wei Chen, Hujun Bao

A Flow-Guided File Layout for Out-Of-Core Streamline Computation

Chun-Ming Chen, Lijie Xu, Teng-Yok Lee, Han-Wei Shen

As-Perpendicular-as-Possible Surfaces for Flow Visualization

Maik Schulze, Christian Rössl, Tobias Germer, Holger Theisel

Session 6: Volume Rendering and Illustration

Volume Rendering with Multidimensional Peak Finding

Natallia Kotava, Aaron Knoll, Mathias Schott, Christoph Garth, Xavier Tricoche, Christoph Kessler, Elaine Cohen, Charles D. Hansen, Michael E. Papka, Hans Hagen

Combined Surface and Volumetric Occlusion Shading

Mathias Schott, Tobias Martin, A.V. Pascal Grosset, Carson Brownlee, Thomas Höllt, Benjamin P. Brown, Sean T. Smith, Charles D. Hansen

Interference Microscopy Volume Illustration for Biomedical Data

Hanqi Guo, Xiaoru Yuan, Jie Liu, Guihua Shan, Xuebin Chi, Fei Sun

Intelligent Cutaway Illustrations

Stephan Sigg, Raphael Fuchs, Robert Carnecky, Ronald Peikert

Uncertainty Visualization in HARDI based on Ensembles of ODFs

Fangxiang Jiao, Jeff M. Phillips, Yaniv Gur, Christopher R. Johnson

Session 7: Visualization in Medicine and Natural Sciences

FluoRender: An Application of 2D Image Space Methods for 3D and 4D Confocal Microscopy Data Visualization in Neurobiology Research

Yong Wan, Hideo Otsuna, Chi-Bin Chien, Charles D. Hansen

Object-Space Ambient Occlusion for Molecular Dynamics

Sebastian Grottel, Michael Krone, Katrin Scharnowski, Thomas Ertl

Implicit Representation of Molecular Surfaces

(page 217)
Julius Parulek, Ivan Viola

Visualization of Material Interface Stability

Harald Obermaier, Fang Chen, Hans Hagen, Kenneth I. Joy

Centerline Reformations of Complex Vascular Structures

Gabriel Mistelbauer, Andrej Varchola, Hamed Bouzari, Juraj Starinsky, Arnold Köchl, Rüdiger Schernthaner, Dominik Fleischmann, Eduard Gröller, Milos Sramek

Important Dates
Keynote Speaker (Ben Shneiderman)
Wednesday, Febuary 28, 2012, 09:00 - 10:00

Keynote Speaker (Chandrajit Bajaj)
Thursday, March 1, 2012, 09:00 - 10:00

Thursday, March 1, 2012, 18:00 - 21:00